12 thoughts to “SPOTTED: H-E-B Mixed Berry Lemonade and Fried Corndog & Mustard Potato Chips”

  1. Insert Brittany Broski/Kombucha Girl reactions (“ewww”/”hmmm?”) here.

  2. Er, yeah, Marvo: Fully agree with the “Um and yum” assessment. In that order, from left to right, of course.

  3. The mixed berry lemonade flavor doesn’t sound so bad to me.

    I imagine it’s not that much different than eating some chips and then immediately drinking some juice or soda.

    1. I found these at HEB Plus in Burleson. The mixed berry and lemon scent is strong. The Tastes all blend together pretty well. My brain is still confused. Overall not bad and tasty.

  4. I put them on my shopping list and will take one for the team.
    I tried the vanilla ones a few weeks ago and they weren’t bad. They tasted like regular potato chips with a hint of vanilla aftertaste, but not in a bad way. I wouldn’t necessarily buy them again, but they were a fun experience.

  5. I wish that the corndog ones were actually mustard AND ketchup flavoured…because we all know that that’s the best way to dip a corndog.

  6. Okay, I have purchased both and we cracked into the corndog ones first. Sadly, we found them to not taste like a corndog (testers were myself, my spouse, and my teenager). They have almost a mild bbq flavor with a hint of vinegar (like a mild salt-n-vinegar chip aftertaste). We also found them to be a bit salty. My son and I give them a 6/10, and my husband gives them a 5/10.

  7. Vanilla Milkshake was a really good flavor. I cannot wait for these lemonade ones! Definitely gonna skip on corn dog, though. Meat chips are always nasty.

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