SPOTTED: Van Leeuwen Grey Poupon with Salted Pretzels Ice Cream

Limited Edition Van Leeuwen Grey Poupon with Salted Pretzels Ice Cream

Update: We tried it! Click here to read our review.

Pardon me. Would you have any Grey Poupon flavored ice cream? But of course. (Spotted by @ReneBarba89 at Walmart.)

17 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Van Leeuwen Grey Poupon with Salted Pretzels Ice Cream”

  1. NO! Perhaps if it had pieces of Hot Dog in it and I think I would have to be highly inebriated.

  2. No thanks. After trying the god awful pizza and Mac & Cheese flavors I’m officially off the Van Leeuwen band wagon. I tried the wedding cake flavor also and even that was crap.

    1. The mac and cheese one wasn’t bad, but I could only have a small spoonful of it at a time. I thought the wedding cake flavor was amazing!

  3. This is disgusting. As someone who doesn’t even like mustard (I know, I’m probably in the minority), this is vile!

  4. I heard there’s also a summer peach flavor out from my them,.. I wonder what other limited time flavors they have out!

  5. As a mustard aficionado, this sounds interesting, But I would much prefer French’s yellow mustard ice cream.

  6. EWW!! Why would anyone want mustard ice cream?!?! To me putting ANY kind of mustard on ice cream sounds like a horrible idea and it would ruin the ice cream. Yuck!!!

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