SPOTTED: Berries and Cream RC Cola

Berries and Cream RC Cola

Update: We tried it! Click here to read our review.

It’s been a minute since I’ve had an RC Cola. I remember thinking it was better than Coke and Pepsi as a kid. It’s nice to see a limited time flavor from the company, although it seems to be a Dollar General exclusive flavor. (Spotted by Grant at Dollar General.)

13 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Berries and Cream RC Cola”

  1. I wish I could talk the local stores into getting cherry rc here. I’ve been trying for years with no luck.

    1. I’m sorry you feel that way. If you’re the person in Alabama who also sent in a photo of the cola, this contributor sent in the photo before you did. If you’re not that person, I did not receive your photo.

      1. I’m sorry you feel the need to justify your moral compass.
        You’re still a thief.
        Justify away….

    1. ^bahaha! Love it.

      As an aside, RC totally reminds me of growing up, and going out to my grandma’s house (my Dad’s mom) for summer weekends. My sister and I would stay there, and she always had RC and Canfield’s sodas.

  2. Had this today. It was VERY good! I hardly see rc cola anywhere, and they only had this version. It was boldy fruity and Creamy. Going back for more!

  3. You couldn’t compliment someone for reposting yours,maybe she thought you worded right but you chose to cut her down for being a theif,wow.

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