5 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Cap’n Crunch DC Superman Strong Berry and Flash Cinnamon Bolts Cereals”

  1. Is there a Spiderman version as well? Or was the display previously used for some sort of Far From Home cereal but not updated?

    A little surprised they didn’t include some red in the Flash’s cereal; the shapes are the selling point, but the monotone color looks a little bland to me.

    1. Spiderman is Marvel (I’m really not even into that stuff).

      If The Flash Cinnamon Bolts taste anything like Chef’s Croonchy Stars I am going to buy up all I can find!

  2. There’s also a Supergirl version of the Strong Berry and 2 Quaker instant oatmeal: Batman’s Gotham City Chocolate (ugh!) and a Wonder Woman Cinnamon flavoured.

  3. Not a fan of berry cereal, with the exception of Froot Loops, but the bolts I’m going to try.

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