BACK ON SHELVES: Post Waffle Crisp Cereal (2022)

Post Waffle Crisp 2022

Post Waffle Crisp 2022 Back

It’s back! Although, it did make an appearance in 2021. Granted, if you click that link, our friend Dan will tell you that the bagged 2021 version is a slightly different recipe. Is this 2022 version the original recipe? Well, we can all find out. It’s available in two sizes 11.5 ounces (Regular Size) and 20 ounces (Family Size). (Spotted by Robbie at Walmart.)

5 thoughts to “BACK ON SHELVES: Post Waffle Crisp Cereal (2022)”

  1. YES!!!!!!!!! Now if they’d JUST bring back Blueberry Pancake Cap’n Crunch my life would be complete.

  2. I remember having this for breakfast just before getting a migraine.
    I also remember it coming back up due to said migraine.
    That put me off of cornmeal/fake syrup cereals since.

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