SPOTTED: Monsters Cereal x KAWS Variety 4-Pack with Frute Brute

Monsters Cereal x Kaws Variety 4 Pack 2022 with Frute Brute

Monsters Cereal Variety 4 Pack 2022 Boxes

Monsters Cereal Variety 4 Pack 2022 Back

Monsters Cereal Variety 4 Pack 2022 Side Box

UPDATE: I’ve been told by General Mills that these variety pack boxes were put on shelves early and will be widely available later this year. The official announcement will be coming soon. Even after finding out it’s KAWS, not Kaws, I still have no idea who KAWS is. I do know who BTS is, though. I’m not completely clueless when it come to current pop culture. But hey, Frute Brute is back! (Spotted by Robbie at Sam’s Club.)

9 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Monsters Cereal x KAWS Variety 4-Pack with Frute Brute”

  1. Would’ve preferred Yummy Mummy coming back instead of Frute Brute. Makes sense they’d bundle them all together. I think they have a hard time selling the monster cereals in general anymore. I’m surprised they even still release them annually. At my local supermarkets, it looks like they go untouched all season long and stay on the shelves.

    They taste so bad anymore, I stopped buying them years ago. The last time I did, I switched out the cereal pieces with chocolate, strawberry, and blueberry Cheerios to get some resemblance of how the cereal used to taste. It was pretty good with the Cheerios and the flavored marshmallows. It sucked to throw out the cereal pieces, but they just taste so ‘blah” these days.

    1. Try the Super Berry cereal they have at Target right now. It has no marbits, but it’s the closest thing I’ve found to old skool Frankenberry in many years of looking

      1. @Luke. Is that the complete name of the cereal? Super Berry? Can you provide more details on what the box looks like or what cereal company makes it? I’m interested to check it out. Thanks.

        1. I got the name wrong, it’s “Strong Berry” and it’s Superman-branded. Only at Target I believe. Made by Quaker.

          1. Thanks. I tried a box a few weeks ago. It seemed a little light on flavor and sweetness, which was a let down. Unless I got a bad batch or something. Thanks for the recommendation anyway.

  2. Do we know if this is exclusive to Sam’s Club or might we find it at Wal-Mart as well?

  3. Live the monster cereals, but mostly for nostalgia, not taste. With this design, I kinda feel like I don’t even have that anymore. I hope a traditional design, and the old flavor, return to the cereal aisle.

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