SPOTTED: Haribo 100th Anniversary Edition Strawberry Goldbears

Haribo 100th Anniversary Strawberry Goldbears

Maybe it’s just me, but it feels like we’ve been celebrating Haribo’s 100th anniversary for more than a year. Maybe it’s all the flavors. Or maybe it’s been a long year so far. Or maybe I have no concept of time as I chew on clear gummy bears. (Spotted by Josh G at 7-Eleven.)

13 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Haribo 100th Anniversary Edition Strawberry Goldbears”

  1. I wish they’d do a strawberry/raspberry combo bag. That’s my 2 favorite flavors! I hate orange, pineapple is okay, and blue is take it or leave it for me.

    1. I hope the blue disappears once the anniversary celebrations are over. All the rest taste natural and great, especially pineapple and strawberry. The blue is out of place.

    2. They always do a strawberry/raspberry combo near the end of the year (for Christmas colors) – my favorite bag!

  2. I FINALLY started seeing the pineapple ones around. Needless to say I have also started stockpiling them.

    1. I wish I could find them! Every time I buy a bag, I shuffle through all of the bags on the shelf for the one with the most pineapple bears, lol.

      1. My local Target has been well stocked for weeks. You might want to try there if you have one nearby.

      2. I like your style! I found mine at Kroger (grocery chain in my region.) I never had any luck at Target even though that was the place that they were first “spotted” at on here. Best of luck!

    1. In Germany, where Haribo is from, green is often attributed to strawberry. One, so there’s no color conflict with the red raspberry, and two, the green color reminds one of the leaves on top of the strawberry fruit. Germans 100 years ago didn’t really think about limes, or perhaps even apples as solid gummy flavors.

      1. Thanks for that extra bit of intel! I’ve always just known them to taste of strawberry and confirmed it via google years ago. I think it’s interesting and can easily see how it messes with other countries candy eaters minds who are conditioned to associate pink with strawberry.

  3. i got a bag of the watermelon bears a few weeks ago and was kinda bummed. way too floral in flavour, didn’t really taste like watermelon at all.

    def gonna be on the lookout for these. yum.

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