SPOTTED: Limited Edition Sour Patch Kids Cherry

Limited Edition Sour Patch Kids Cherry

From what I can tell after spending 30 seconds on Google is that this cherry flavor has been available in Canada, but it’s the first time it’s been in the US. (Spotted by Josh G at 7-Eleven.)

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  1. Aloha Marvo,

    You think we’ll see this in Hawaii? This is the only reason I ever wanted to visit a candy store in Canada. Maynards Cherry SPK.

    I just went to Florida and was finding products the same day or sooner than here again. In Hawaii though, most products never even get to our island or are extremely random/short lived single shipments. I need these as badly as the 10 bags of Flaming Hot Nacho Doritos I put in my 2nd set of luggage.

  2. I saw a grape (only) flavor of the Sour Patch Kids in Dollar General. I tried a bag and they were delicious. They were sweet–not sour.

    1. Oh, man, I HATED those!!! The grape flavor was weird and tasted off! I threw the bag away!

  3. This flavor was actually available in the U.S. for a long time (although most places didn’t stock it). They always had it in my high school cafeteria (2003-2007). Also remember seeing the loose ones at a candy store in the bulk section.

  4. Yeah, this was in the US… They were released in the 90s and mostly sold in 2-3oz bags but hard to find, discontinued sometime like 2010. I remember only one store in town carrying it. Old logo with the Boy Head logo, not the candy kids.

    1. It is different than the red sour patch kid. The flavor is sweet cherry, like a wild cherry slurpee. I just got a bag from 711, I’m a cherry lover and these are so good, I’m obsessed!

  5. I found them on ebay, can’t find them anywhere else. I like the smaller size over the Canadian ones I think they taste better too but that’s probably in my head…

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