BACK ON SHELVES: Doritos Jumpin’ Jack Cheese (2022)

Doritos Jumpin Jack Cheese 2022

This flavor has come back so many times that it should just be a standard one. Also, the bag needs a redesign. It’s so drab. (Spotted by RaveGyrl at Circle K.)

11 thoughts to “BACK ON SHELVES: Doritos Jumpin’ Jack Cheese (2022)”

    1. It’s pepper jack flavored, and they f’ing suck! When they first came out, they were amazing, but not anymore!

      1. That is disappointing to hear as I loved them when I was a kid and I’m sure they are a lot different now.

        1. Don’t make the mistake of buying them again like I did. That’s how I know they suck, and I f’ing loved them as a kid like you did, too. You’re right. They are different.

  1. Never seen (nor even heard of) prior iterations, but have to agree on the surprisingly-drab packaging. Seriously.

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