7 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Limited Edition Halloween Fruity Pebbles”

  1. Glad they decided to keep the same great Fruity Pebbles taste, but I think that orange and black would have been a MUCH better color combination, unless the black food dye would’ve tasted too strong and ruined the Fruity Pebbles taste. Some food dyes taste unbelievably bad, like whatever dye they use to color the pink frosted animal crackers from the Mother’s brand. I couldn’t even eat them. I only ate the white ones.

    1. In my experience, black food day is relatively flavorless but in even somewhat modest quantities it does wreak havoc on your … *ahem* subsequent gastrointestinal processes. Turning milk a different color is all fun and games, but turning your poop a different color might be something they weren’t up for 😉

  2. Too bad they couldn’t do orange and grape or mango and black cherry flavors for the cereal to match the colors. Just changing the colors of the cereals seems like such a cop out for the holiday varieties. I never understood how changing a cereal’s colors is supposed to be enticing for consumers to want to buy the cereal.
    Anything to save on costs for the cereal companies I guess.

    1. Just something to be festive I think. I know if I see them in Hawaii I’ll be pretty excited. Only seeing them released at Meijer?

      Black Cherry flavor for Fruity Pebbles? I wish you worked for Post my friend! I’m just over here excited about Fruit Brute being back for the first time since 2013. Cherry is my jam, literally.

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