SPOTTED: Paqui One Chip Challenge 2022

Paqui One Chip Challenge 2022

Paqui One Chip Challenge 2022 Back

I think the past couple of years Paqui has been making these One Chip Challenge Chips even hotter. Is this year’s chip even hotter or is turning your tongue blue the only new thing? (Spotted by Robbie at 7-Eleven.)

8 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Paqui One Chip Challenge 2022”

  1. Tried it, the chip wasn’t very crunchy, like how chips taste after you leave the bag open. My mouth and stomach hurt for about an hour afterwards, but having already beaten the spicy ramen challenge in chinatown the discomfort was nothing new.

  2. Brought a single one of these to work to share as a novelty–no one ate more than a 1cm bite. Fun to see the curious and adventurous vs the people who had only seen it as a horribly painful social media thing 🙂

  3. I have not been able to find the scoville heat rating on these. Does anybody know that information?

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