SPOTTED: Herr’s Gameday Flavors Cheeseburger Cheese Curls

Herr s Gameday Flavors Cheeseburger Cheese Curls

The other 2022 Herr’s Gameday Flavors include the Cheesy Pizza Ripple Potato Chips and the returning Buffalo Wing Ripple Potato Chips (Spotted by Tommy at Christmas Tree Shops.)

12 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Herr’s Gameday Flavors Cheeseburger Cheese Curls”

  1. I would love to try these SO MUCH. Too bad I have never even remotely heard of a place called “Christmas Tree Shops”, nor would there be any near me. (And a place named that sells food…wha?)

    1. I am so in the weeds with Christmas Tree Shop! Let me celebrate Hallowe’en and the rest of Autumn! Anyhoo, I like that these are curls/puffs. Cheesy puffs are the best and I like that someone is using them as a canvas for different flavours vs. just chips.

  2. I’ve had these… I was not happy with them :(. Pretty much they had a strong flavor of cheese and pickle, which I love both! However it was just…odd on the taste buds. I was waiting for more smokey-ness, more meaty flavor too. These were a far cry from Cheese Burger. I normally love Herr’s chips but something tasted very off about these.

    1. There are other flavors, but the pickle flavor is a bit overpowering. The more you eat the more you can taste the other flavors.

  3. I don’t know how these are, but if you like pizza flavored snacks, the Herr’s Deep Dish Pizza Cheese Puffs are AMAZING!!!!! You can find them for sale on the Herr’s website.

    1. What!? Gah, I really wish that Herr’s distributed more of their snacks around here!

      1. Buy them on their website!!! I promise that you will NOT be disappointed!!! I love them!!! 😀

      2. Also, try Big Lots. I think that’s where I found them the first, and pretty much only time at a store.

        1. I think that I just might have to go for it! And ah, ok! I did think about an overflow store like that possibly having their not so “plain Jane” 😉 snack varieties. Thank you!

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