SPOTTED: Pepperidge Farm Hazelnut Hot Cocoa Milano

Pepperidge Farm Hazelnut Hot Cocoa Milano

I can’t say I’ve had hazelnut-flavored hot cocoa before. I’m not even sure how to make it. Stir Nutella in hot cocoa? Make homemade hazelnut milk and use it for hot cocoa? Turn Ferrero Rocher into hot cocoa bombs? (Spotted by Amy W at Safeway.)

5 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Pepperidge Farm Hazelnut Hot Cocoa Milano”

  1. Land O Lakes makes pretty stellar hot cocoa mix, and hazelnut is one of their flavors. Would recommend.

  2. Land O Lakes makes hazelnut hot cocoa. It’s always a fun winter treat to pick up an assortment of their single serve flavour packets at the grocery every now and then.

    P.s. Is it just me or does anyone else tend to double down on their cocoa packet to water/milk ratio when they’re making instant? 🙂

  3. Nutella makes an amazing hot cocoa, just stir a couple spoonfuls (or however much to taste) into a mug of hot milk.

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