13 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Doritos, Cheetos, and Sun Chips Minis”

    1. I’ve seen them at the Smith’s on Nellis, so presumably they would be at other Smith’s as well.

  1. What’s the freaking point? I honestly don’t get it. Unless someone is like Chandler and they like to hold miniature stuff and pretend that they’re a giant.

    1. These are easier for stores to manage on shelves, have the benefit of being able to ship with less product damage, and likely use less plastic.

  2. I would be interested in knowing whether the canisters provide a longer shelf life for the Doritos, Cheetos, etc. If I’m not mistaken, canisters of Lay’s Stax and Pringles that are currently on store shelves will typically have an expiration date that is more than a year from now.

  3. I’d be interested in a review of these minis. I can’t imagine wanting to eat them on their own, but can see sprinkling the Doritos ones on a Mexican casserole or a bowl of chilaquiles.

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