SPOTTED: Dove Warm Wishes Holiday Brownie Batter Promises

Dove Warm Wishes Holiday Brownie Batter Promises

Someone out there who buys this is going to see “Warm Wishes” and then get disappointed because the brownie batter is not warm. (Spotted by Robbie at Target.)

11 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Dove Warm Wishes Holiday Brownie Batter Promises”

  1. This photo is distorted so it was difficult to tell what they looked like. Having looked them up, they look awesome. Definitely worth a try this year.

  2. do they have a brownie batter filling or are they solid chocolate like most Dove pieces, and just flavored like brownie batter? i’d prefer filling, but i’m wanting to try em either way.

  3. Good question, I found this…

    DOVE PROMISES Silky Smooth Holiday Brownie Batter delivers on the classic holiday favorite flavor, featuring a gooey brownie batter-flavored filling inside the brand’s classic milk chocolate shell wrapped in Christmas tree-patterned foil. The limited-edition holiday varieties will be sold at retailers nationwide and available in Laydown Bags (7.94 oz).

  4. The front of the bag actually has a picture of the gooey brownie center but you can’t see it from the crumpled bag photo here.

    Hopefully these will live up to my brownie goo expectations.

    1. Unfortunately there is no “goo” in the center if you are expecting that. These are still solid chocolate, but are supposed to represent a brownie chocolate flavor.

      1. That sounds disappointing. I thought it would be more liquid center like some of their other varieties. I will likely pass if that is the case.

      2. But that’s not what the product description from Dove says. I’m seriously considering getting a pack just to settle this quandary!

          1. Good to know! And I’m thinking how fun it might be to bake brownies and nestle some of these guys within them!

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