13 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Voortman Bakery Eggnog and Candy Cane Wafers”

  1. I reeeeally wish that they would bring back their tea rings! They made every cuppa even better!

  2. Mint Chocolate also made a return. Although I can’t find any of these 3 flavors anywhere yet. Let me know if someone finds them at their Walmart.

  3. What stinks is, that Voortman’s site has a Where To Buy section where you can select which product and where it’s stocked at, but it doesn’t have any of these flavors to pick from to find them. Sad

    1. Unfortunately, and very silly too, it seems like half of the items we see here in “spotted” sections can’t be found in “locator” sections or even on the company’s website. I guess that it takes them a while to update their sites? It doesn’t make sense because I’m sure that they’ve got plenty of people on payroll in charge of doing that sort of thing! Thankfully we have our helpful (and enthusiastic!) little community here!

  4. Been looking for the eggnog ones in PA for the last couple weeks everywhere and so far nothing. Been to Walmart’s, Giant, Shoprite, Weis, etc. I’m starting to think these will never come out.

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