SPOTTED: Peeps Snowmen and Trees Hot Chocolate Kits

Peeps Snowman Hot Chocolate Kit

Peeps Trees Hot Chocolate Kit

Maybe it’s just me, but an entire Peep is perhaps too much marshmallow for a mug of hot chocolate. (Spotted by Robbie at TJ Maxx.)

4 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Peeps Snowmen and Trees Hot Chocolate Kits”

  1. I love Peeps, but I agree. I think this is totally an opportunity to make mini Peeps. It would be so cute!

  2. there are classic yellow peeps going stale in my kitchen since spring this year. next time i make hot cocoa, i’ma drop one in a try it. my go-to mug is a full 16oz, so i’m thinking it’ll be juuuust right.

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