NOT FOOD: Swag Snack and Cereal Boxer Briefs

Swag Hostess HoHos Boxer Briefs

Swag Boxer Briefs have been around for a couple of years, but were brought to my attention only recently. These Hostess Ho Hos Boxer Briefs appear to be the newest style. Yes, there is a Ding Dongs version, if you’re wondering.

Swag Kellogg s Fun Pak Halloween Boxer Briefs

Also new this year are these Kellogg’s cereal boxer briefs with the Halloween designs of the boxes. Yes, they also come in the original box designs.

I think what also fascinates me about these is the packaging. The cereal ones come in small cereal boxes and the Hostess one comes in the rectangular shape of Hostess boxes. And here’s a Pop-Tarts variety that comes in a Pop-Tarts-shaped box.

Swag Kellogg s Pop Tarts Frosted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate Boxer Briefs

Not only that, but a Cheetos version comes in a bag instead of a box.

Swag Cheetos Crunchy Boxer Briefs

(Spotted by Robbie at Burlington and Marshall’s)

7 thoughts to “NOT FOOD: Swag Snack and Cereal Boxer Briefs”

  1. Literal LOL at ” Yes, there is a Ding Dongs version, if you’re wondering.” Love it!

    And I agree that these would make great, inexpensive, fun little holiday gifts. I love the idea, and the product-appropriate packaging. So cute/clever!

    1. Yes…lol…
      I’m on the hunt for more cereal stocks! I found some cool low cut ones but not my size yet! Thanks for the shout out!

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