One thought to “SPOTTED: Doritos Dips Cool Ranch Jalapeno and Spicy Nacho”

  1. Is Spicy Nacho the Spicy Nacho chip in dip form, or is it the classic Nacho Cheese chip with some sort of heat? My rods and cones aren’t great, but the container looks closer to the Nacho Cheese red than the darker Spicy Nacho. Not that my taste buds are refined enough to tell the difference, so I’m hoping your reviewers can compare the dip to the chips to see what is happening.

    Does this set up the chip version of Cool Ranch Jalapeno coming to shelves by late next year? Or as some upcoming Taco Bell menu item?

    I am a little disappointed to not be able to Xzibit this by dipping Cool Ranch Doritos into (non-Jalapeno) Cool Ranch dip.

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