SPOTTED: Starry Lemon Lime Soda

From the fine folks at PepsiCo. I want this to be a success because I really want to see all the store brand versions with star or sky-related names. Hopefully they’ll end up as vast as all the generic names for Mountain Dew and Dr Pepper. (Spotted by Luke P at Kroger.)

10 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Starry Lemon Lime Soda”

  1. Name says it all … FAILURE due to the stupid name, what did they hire an ex coke employee that named those limited time coke’s that were released in the summer of 2022. LOL!

  2. This soda is weird because there’s a sweetness similar to 7up but a bold taste similar to Sprite, however, then the seltzer (which I absolutely HATE) comes in. The name is dumb (sounds a little Mid-Western stripper) and I’m still grieving the loss of Sierra Mist.

  3. Whose bright idea was this? Let’s take the best tasting lemon lime soda on the market, one sweetened with sugar, and replace it with something new and stupid. Mark my words, this will be a massive failure. Because “Generation Z” is already hooked on Sprite. And almost no one over the age of twenty-five is going to say “Yes, I want to try this” when they see it at a gas station.

  4. Pepsi never fully stocked Sierra Mist in the store. There would be 50 bottles of Pepsi and eight of Sierra Mist. You can’t sell what is not there. This Starry new soda from Pepsi has a bad after taste to it. Since they took Sierra mist off the market i probably will have to shift back to Coke. At least I bought up what Sierra Mist was left at the store.

  5. I just found out that the reformulation of their lemon lime includes switching out cane sugar syrup for HFCS…horrible move.

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