SPOTTED: Pepsi Zero Sugar with New Improved Taste (2023)

I find absolutely nothing wrong with the old Pepsi Zero Sugar, much like I found nothing wrong with Pepsi Zero. What is up with Big Cola tweaking perfectly fine formulas? (Spotted by Robbie at Walmart.)

7 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Pepsi Zero Sugar with New Improved Taste (2023)”

  1. If Pepsi found a way to keep their drinks from going flat so quickly, that would be a worthy improvement to their products.

  2. I was an avid Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry drinker then it suddenly disappeared in 2021; all I could find was Pepsi Zero sugar cherry but I refused to buy it because of the caffeine and ginseng which I found was just rebranded Pepsi max. I’m sure they lost a lot of customers because of this. This new version has no ginseng and the caffeine content has been lowered to match the other cola products. Now I just need the new cherry version…

      1. I’d beg to differ with Diet Dr. Pepper. I’ve tried Dr. Pepper Zero Sugar and it was gross and tasted flat.

  3. Guh…all of these never-ending reformulations/rebrandings/name changes make me much more annoyed than excited about yet another rollout.

  4. This “new improved taste” is disgusting! It’s flat. No carbonation whatsoever. The taste is bland. Pepsi Zero Sugar was my GO TO but they blew it. Back to Diet Pepsi now. Pray to God they don’t change that!!

  5. I wish they would have left pepsi zero the way it was . It was my favorite drink by far and now it taste just like Diet Pepsi ???. I have never been a coke fan but from now on I will be buying Coke Zero until u bring back the old flavor. I can’t believe u ruined a good drink.

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