SPOTTED: Van Leeuwen Nostalgia Ice Cream Bars

These bars bring back memories of how there weren’t any ice cream trucks where I grew up. Not one. Oh, those were the days! These bars seem to be Sprouts-exclusives at the moment. (Spotted by Amanda Y at Sprouts.)

8 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Van Leeuwen Nostalgia Ice Cream Bars”

    1. That was my first thought too and I came here to comment about the price. I know everything is more expensive nowadays with inflation, but that $9.49 tag still shocked m!

      1. To be fair, there are six in a box. So a tad over $1.50 each. Last time I checked Good Humor bars were over $2.00 each?

      2. These threw me as the Good Humor varieties are still on shelves for around $5.50/6 bars. It almost feels like they’re advert on behalf of the originals. Maybe these are an upgrade?

  1. Aren’t the Friendly’s versions of these shortcake bars even cheaper than Good Humor though?

    A fool and his/her money is soon parted comes to mind with this ice cream. I have a feeling Van Leewan would still be charging outrageous prices even if there was no pandemic and supply chain issues.

    1. There are certainly cheaper brands but we compared to Good Humor as they’re the original creators and still on store shelves.

  2. oh man, i hope these sell well and it encourages them to launch a Toasted Almond version as well. i haven’t had one in a few decades and i’m drooling just thinking about them.

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