SPOTTED: Blue Bunny Soft Frozen Dairy Dessert

There’s also a vanilla variety. But frozen dairy dessert is SOFT already. It’s not toilet paper, so do we need softer frozen dairy dessert? (Spotted by DJ at Redner’s.)

5 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Blue Bunny Soft Frozen Dairy Dessert”

  1. I’m excited for this. Even frozen dairy dessert is too hard/solid for me and family so we always end up putting in microwave for 10 to 15 seconds. Be nice to get super soft “ice cream” right out of freezer. Love their new Strawberry Cheesecake soft serve cone. Only thing here is I wish they had a few more adventuresome flavors. Not a basic/bland vanilla chocolate family. Bring on the overloaded multi flavor/inclusion flavors!

  2. Does it come with a pastry bag with a beveled nozzle so I can get my bowl of soft serve to look like the picture on the carton?

  3. If it’s soft enough to put into a piping bag and just squeeze out of the tip. I’d be all for this.

  4. It can not legally be called ice cream if it does not have 10% cream fat in it.

    If it does not it has to be called frozen dairy dessert.

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