SPOTTED: Kettle Brand Air Fried Potato Chips

There’s also a Himalayan Salt flavor. Sooo, um, kettle cooked and air finished? Does the air blow off extra oil or something? (Spotted by Sarah R at Safeway.)

13 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Kettle Brand Air Fried Potato Chips”

  1. Exactly, what is the appeal here? If they’re fried, they’re fried, what benefit is their to finish them off with air?

      1. But the bag says “?????? ?????? air finished” implying they are fried in oil first, which I could grasp if it was a thick French fry, but I’m with Sascha on the chip aspect

  2. I tried the Himalayan salt variety the other day & really liked them. They’ve got a lighter texture, less hard crunch, & definitely less residual oil. Kind of a cross between regular Lays style & a kettle cooked chip.

    1. yum. i’ve long been more a fan of the crispy-light lays salt & vinegar vs crunchy kettle chip variety. looking forward to trying these ones.

    2. That sounds good, Ginger. There’s a Michigan based chip maker called Great Lakes and they also manager to make kettle chips with not so much crunch, which is great. If that’s the result, I’m down because I do think the Kettle brand is generally too hard and crunchy.

    1. Yeah…I am so confused about the point of these now then, lol. Sounds like they are just monopolizing on the popularity of “air frying” and anything with that name attached to it…I really don’t see the point of these at all now lol.

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