SPOTTED: Gatorade Fast Twitch

200 milligrams of caffeine AND electrolytes! Sign me up to be caffeinated AND hydrated! (First three spotted by Alex at Walmart. Last three spotted by me in my office.)

11 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Gatorade Fast Twitch”

  1. They had these by the self-checkout, in a fridge bin by the eggs (filled all the way up), and a mountain of them in boxes lol it’s crazy. About to try this out.

  2. these are awful. and im not sure why you made a big deal about there being electrolytes and caffeine in the same drink. alot of energy drinks already do that.

  3. I heard one guy drank 2 of these pretty quickly and went into a seizure. Luckily, someone nearby was able to give him some romaine lettuce. Why romaine lettuce, you ask? So he could have a seizure salad.

  4. I had a free digital coupon for kroger and publix so I’ve tried both the red and orange. They taste like when you’re making koolaid or something from a powder but you put waaay too much powder vs. water. Wouldn’t pay for this.

  5. Wow! I had no idea that Gatorade was selling such a variety of caffeinated drinks. I’m definitely going to have to check these out the next time I’m at Walmart. 200mg of caffeine is a lot, I wonder if you can find something with a lower caffeine content? I’m sure there are plenty of people who would like a drink like this without being overwhelmed by the caffeine.

    Overall, these drinks sound like a great way to stay both hydrated and energized. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. these are absolute trash. and as i said before most energy drinks contain electrolytes in them as well. gatorade is doing nothing different here. ive tried 3 different flavors and poured them all out. and in regards to the caffeine content, most energy drinks are between 200-300mg so this falls in line with that.

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