13 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Hershey’s Milklicious Kisses”

  1. I bought a bag of them. I’m generally not a fan of Hershey Kisses (they’re usually so blah compared to other desserts). But the filling adding a nice creaminess that original kisses lack. Would I buy them again, though ? Probably not.

    1. These are actually better than most flavors that they have came out with. Not sure what you are talking about. They are more enjoyable if you let them melt in your mouth and not chew them.

      1. I did let them melt in my mouth prior to posting that first comment. My opinion remains the same. Do you and NotMe work for Hershey or something ?

    2. It’s funny how these are likely *the* classic Hershey’s candy (I went to Hershey, PA once and the street lamps are in the shape of Kisses) but I do find them so boring like you. I want to like them so badly; I like their quirky shape and all the commercials over the years for them.

      I’ve never had one with a filling, although I guess others besides these have existed. I’ve just been unaware. Seems like it would be such a great thing for such a blah product, but I’m sensing not.

      Thanks for the review! Sorry about that comments jockey’s reply to you. I did ask (myself, at least).

    3. I share your opinion about kisses. I remember when I had the first “filled” one around the time they came out and really enjoyed them. I don’t think that I’ll seek these out and I wouldn’t mind running into a pack in a reduced section. Oh, and I do enjoy the hugs.

  2. “That chocolate milk filling better taste like chocolate milk made from Hershey’s chocolate syrup.”

    what other flavor do you think they would be going for?

    1. I get what you’re saying, but don’t you think if it’s supposed to taste like chocolate milk made from Hershey’s syrup that it would have a bottle of Hershey’s syrup on the packaging? Or the packaging would say, “milk chocolate with creamy Hershey’s chocolate milk filling.” If Hershey’s was going to do that kind of synergy wouldn’t it want to market that synergy a bit better?

    1. My favorite. Now I’m suddenly intrigued (Kisses are usually such a bore [imho]).

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