SPOTTED: Limited Edition Frosted Lemon Cheerios

I’m a bit shocked there haven’t been many lemon-flavored cereals over the years. Also, I’m curious to know what Frosted Lemon Cheerios and Chocolate Cheerios together would taste like. (Spotted by William W at Pick N Save.)

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  1. Lemon + milk + cereal sounds horrible. I mean, I eat lemon pie or lemon cookies with a glass of milk. And I eat lemon yogurt or lemon ice cream. But I’m picturing taking a big swig of lemon-and-Cheerios flavored cereal milk and it makes me feel like I’m throwing up in advance.

      1. True. Although I also find the taste of those three cereals repulsive. They’re so cloying and overly sweet. Their smells remind me of cheap cosmetics sets for kids (which was a thing in the 80’s).

  2. I respect Cheerios for at least giving us new flavors of products frequently. I wish other brands would take a page out of their book and try the same thing. These sound pretty good as someone who likes lemon. It’s a good Spring flavor. Orange Cheerios would also be a nice addition.

    1. I bought a box of these at my local Kroger-owned grocery store. I am disappointed, as I expected more of a pronounced lemon flavor. The cereal does not taste bad at all. It’s just that I expected and wanted a stronger lemon flavor. In fact, if I did not know this cereal existed, and if I never saw the box or knew in advance its name, and someone gave me just the bowl of this, I would not have thought it lemon cereal. I would have thought it sweet frosted Cheerios with a small generic citrusy hint of flavor. I won’t buy these again. In comparison, try the maple Cheerios and you’ll know and taste the maple, or buy the chocolate & peanut butter Cheerios, etc., as two random examples.

      1. Wow, that sounds like very weak lemon flavoring then. I’m still curious to give these a try as long as I can find a regular size box version somewhere.

    1. Interesting flavor choice for Cheerios. You definitely don’t see many pear flavored cereals. I only recall the Frosted Shredded Wheat cereal a few years ago that had Pear and Peach flavored frosting, but it was very weak tasting.
      Orange, Cherry, and Mango would be my top choices for Cheerio flavors.

  3. Cherry and orange are nice for spring-summer flavors i was thinking fall- winter mango may be a lil overbord for me how deep the favor of would go winter flavors are : pear, pear cinnamon,pomegrante Summer flavors:Blackberries,Nectaries, Raspberries

  4. I bought a regular size box of Frosted Lemon Cheerios today at Aldi’s. I’m either going to use them pulverized into crumbs as the crumb base for lemon bars or I’m going to use them to make marshmallow cereal bars a all I need to do is follow the basic recipe, add some lemon extract and then dip them into melted white bark. I think both recipe ideas will work.

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