6 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Limited Edition Post Berry Pebbles Cereal”

  1. Crazy. In all of my travels over the years to the southern states, I’ve never heard of nor ever seen a Harris Teeter store.

    These look interesting though. Glad there are finally some new cereal releases lately. Things felt quiet for a long while there.

    1. I never heard of it either until I moved to a certain county in NC were it seemed there was 3 on each street. But once outside of this area there isn’t any for at least another 3 hour drive. So it appears to only be in clusters in certain places. Now I’ve lived up and down the east coast from NY to FL and Hawaii and never heard of H-E-B in my life.

      1. That’s because H-E-B is only located in TX (and Mexico, I just learned, according to a Google search; knew about the TX part). Unfortunately, for me, mind you. Sooo many of the things appearing on here in the “Spotted” section that sound super yummy and interesting, are H-E-B-exclusive items. Booo.

        1. I feel the same way about H-E-B posts. I’m jealous we don’t have them in the NJ NY PA areas

          That’s a truly interesting layout of stores for the Harris Teeter stores in NC. Makes you wonder who comes up with where to open these chain stores. As someone moving to FL soon from NJ, I’ll truly miss Wegmans supermarkets. Shoprites and Stop & Shop not so much.

          1. When I visited my sister in Texas I was like let’s go to H-E-B & told her about all the interesting snacks I wanted to find after looking at this page.

  2. Cue the reich wing claiming that post and cereal has gone ”woke”.

    Also cue them suing them over it.

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