SPOTTED: Pringles Las Meras Meras Habaneras and Enchilada Adobada

Here’s what the Pringles website says about the Las Meras Meras Habaneras one, “Each Mexican inspired crisp brings a bold, mouthwatering taste of roasted habanero chili peppers, lime, and salt.” And here’s what it says about the Enchilada Adobada, “Each crisp brings a tongue-tingling taste of adobo, hot chili peppers, lime, and salt.” (Spotted by Deborah at H-E-B.)

5 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Pringles Las Meras Meras Habaneras and Enchilada Adobada”

  1. Seems kind of lazy to make two flavors where the only noted difference is the type of pepper.

    Also, advertising “the taste of salt” as some kind of special flavor for a potato chip of all things is kind of amusing.

  2. First off, Pringles are disgusting. They used to taste better in flavor and texture. Putting that aside, I still try some of the “new” flavors and am always disappointed. There’s one major factor in me being disappointed.. they’re always bland and never very flavorful. They say “bold” and they’re nowhere near bold.

    Today I have Enchilada Adobada in front of me. They have a very very faint hint of lime and some kind of “mexican”ish flavor. Definitely not spicy, definitely not that flavorful. I keep saying I’m done with Pringles, but I always try them.

    Sometimes I make it somewhat through the can because I need a snack, but other times I just chuck them in the garbage.

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