One thought to “SPOTTED: Pillsbury Cookie Sandwich Kit”

  1. I bought that kit today. Let me save most people a couple bucks:

    – You get an aluminum pouch of vanilla frosting, a plastic pouch of sprinkles & 4-2 packs of sugar cookies.
    – There’s an ample amount of ingredients to make four cookie sandwiches.
    -The frosting is your basic vanilla Pillsbury variety. Can’t go wrong with that.
    -The sprinkles don’t add to or take away from the sandwiches, for the most part.
    -I previously bought Pillsbury’s awful shelf stable soft baked cookies and sweet biscuit cookies. So obviously I was worried how bad these cookies will be. The good news is they’re fairly hefty cookies that AREN’T gross like their predecessors. The bad news is they have an odd aftertaste that is somewhere between vanillan and “oops, the Nilla Wafers in my pantry are going out of date.”
    -Some of the cookies stuck together and I had to make an effort to pry them apart; I don’t know if that’s due to me living in a hot climate or another factor.
    -I made two batches of cookie sandwiches. With the first one, my impression was “Not bad. Not great, but it’s adequate. A little sweet, but it’s not overpowering.” After a few bites of the second cookie sandwich, though, my body just went “Oh hell no, this is too sweet! I can’t stand anymore. I need to sip on some unsweetened tea to take the taste away. I don’t want any more sweets the rest of the day!”
    -None of the pouches are resealable or stay upright, which I found a little annoying. If I’m gonna sit around making cookie sandwiches of shame, at least make me feel like “Here’s a cute little dipping cup and a lid.”
    – Would I buy this for myself again ? Nope. It’s not something I see myself craving, even though vanilla frosting is my favorite frosting and I love cookies. I’d go to the mall food court, the Publix bakery or DoorDash for better cookie sandwiches.
    -Would I buy put this in a gift basket for someone else ? Probably not. I’d instead give someone Dunkaroos, Meiji Hello Panda Cookies, Oreo Handi Snacks Cookie Sticks ‘N Creme Dip. Which I’ve actually done for past presents.
    – I feel like the target market would be people feeling desperate while hurricane shopping. Or a two person household with the kind of couple who splits every meal & snack due to “our dieting together.” Other than that, who else, honestly ?
    -I paid a ridiculous $6.98 for this at Walmart, because my motto is basically “I must try everything at least once! OOH, LIMITED EDITION! BE RIGHT BACK!” I expect this product to end up on the discount racks at Walmart or Publix pretty soon and for even cheaper at Dollar Tree, Big Lots, etc.
    -I’d give this product a C at best.

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