SPOTTED: Takis Intense Nacho

It’s so weird to see non-spicy Takis. Although it would be even weirder to see sweet Takis. (Taki POP! spotted by Robbie at Kroger. Takis Intense Nacho and Waves Intense Nacho spotted by Marvo in his office. Thanks Takis for the samples!)

3 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Takis Intense Nacho”

  1. They aren’t bad but they very much remind me of Takis Xplosion without the spice and I consider those better but insanely hard to find in my area for whatever reason. These will hopefully be easier to find, at least.

    1. Check Dollar General and Dollar Tree for Takis Xplosion chips. That’s where I buy them. They’re in the dollar deals section of DG. Be sure to ask the staff if you can’t find them, cause they sometimes put the dollar deals in weird place at DG.

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