SPOTTED: Milk Bar Crunchies

Cinnamon Toast: Cinnamon sugar. Crunchy rice cereal. All the nostalgia. If you know, you know.

Brown Butter Chocolate Chip: Deep, caramelized, buttery, and packed with crunch from crispy rice cereal, we turned up the volume on your classic chocolate chip cookie

Pretzel-y Chocolate Chip: Our ode to a chocolate chip cookie with salty-sweet energy, fueled by ground pretzels and crispy rice cereal. Rule breakers, we got you.

Vanilla Butter Crunch: Buttery vanilla cookies team up with crispy rice cereal for one perfect crunch. Because sometimes, less is more.

(Spotted by Sarah R at Whole Foods.)

3 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Milk Bar Crunchies”

  1. What exactly are these though and what do you do with them? (advanced eyeroll to the person who will probably respond “Eat them.” 🙂 )

    1. You are wondering what to do with small, crunchy cookies?

      Eat them! Okay, or mini ice cream sandwiches, or toppings, or do the cereal thing, or….

      1. Ah…couldn’t tell at all that they’re just mini cookies. And come on…do people actually take the time to build mini ice cream sandwiches, especially with a crunchy cookie? However, using them to scoop up ice cream, I could see.

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