BACK ON SHELVES: Limited Edition S’mOreo Cookies (2023)

We’ve been reviewing Oreo flavors for almost 19 years, but we’ve never posted a S’mores Oreo review. Maybe we never did because we were disgusted by the fact that it wasn’t called S’mOreo when it debuted in 2015. But since that’s changed, maybe it’s time for a review. Nah. Why bother? You’ve all had it already by now. (Spotted by Robbie at Target.)

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3 thoughts to “BACK ON SHELVES: Limited Edition S’mOreo Cookies (2023)”

  1. So I got these the other night. I’d had the originals when they first came out (They were amazing)

    I have no idea what’s changed or what happened? But it’s entirely lost both it’s original texture (The cookies are harder for some reason) and it’s original flavor (The Chocolate and marshmallow are muted).

    Ontop of that, unless I somehow got a funky batch? (These were fresh and the date on them was fine, they were sealed, and well kept on the shelf). They had a BAD Aftertaste. I actually had to return them. (Thankfully the store understood and refunded me. I’m not normally the type, but after 1 cookie I couldn’t eat anymore.)

    I wasn’t alone either, I let the husband taste them, and after a bit he spat it out due to that odd, funky after-taste…

    I’m really sad about this cause I loved the original S’mores Oreos. but S’moreos? Something happened to em…

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