SPOTTED: Wendy’s Canned Chili with Beans

29 grams of protein per can. If you’re wondering, a regular-sized Wendy’s chili from a restaurant has 16 grams, and a large one has 22 grams. (Spotted by Rachel J at Safeway.)

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7 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Wendy’s Canned Chili with Beans”

  1. To their credit this stuff is loaded with meat which helps explain the high protein content. But at $6 a can I just can’t justify the expense. It is tasty but you can do nearly as well with any other canned chili for half the price.

    I thought Wienerschnitzel (my favorite restaurant from childhood when I lived in California LOL) chili was overpriced at $5 but wow lol

    1. Yeah, I thought the price was pretty steep myself. To be fair, I feel like Safeway is on the expensive side so perhaps if they should carry this at a Food Lion or WalMart, it could be cheaper?

      Also, I feel like the nutritional information probably indicates 1 can is two servings but really? One can is probably more than one person should eat but not enough to satisfy two people at the same time and definitely not enough for leftovers.

    2. Have you had the canned Wienerschnitzel chili, does it taste the same?
      I’ve been tempted to buy a can, but always balked at the price

      1. Yes after living in California for 20 years then moving to Ohio and not having had Wienerschnitzel in over 20 years I was having withdrawals and bit the bullet. One of my California friends shipped out a few cans to me and I have to say it really does taste like Wienerschnitzel chili sauce. Obviously it’s not an exact replica of what is in the restaurants but it’s close enough it took care of my 20-year withdrawal symptoms! But if I lived in that area I probably would not spend $5 for a can of it lol

        1. Thanks for the honest review, How many dogs do you think a can would make?
          It’s a 15oz can, so 8-10 maybe?
          1 original chili dog is $2.79 now, all beef $4.29 so the price isn’t to egregious… kind of surprised that they haven’t raised it past $5 because I think that’s where it started several years ago.

          1. I got 6 out of mine but I like to be a little heavy handed with the chili on my chili cheese dogs! You’re right about the price though. It’s the shipping that kills me lol. Maybe we can do a swap sometime. I’ll ship you 3 or 4 cans of Cincinnati style chili and you ship me 3 or 4 cans of Wienerschnitzel 😀

  2. I really need to find this. I’m fascinated by the prospect that it may taste different from the restaurant version. I get fascinated by weird things sometimes.

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