SPOTTED: Haagen-Dazs Cultured Creme

There are also three other flavors — Blueberry, Lemon, and Vanilla Bean. According to General Mills, these are made utilizing a fermentation process that is up to five times longer than traditional yogurt, which creates a thick, creamy texture reminiscent of ice cream. They are also created using a unique blend of dairy cultures that offer a smoother taste that lacks the slightly sour flavor of traditional yogurt. (Spotted by Amanda Y at Target.)

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15 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Haagen-Dazs Cultured Creme”

  1. Hmmm interesting! So are these a dessert you can just eat with a spoon? Or would they more be a topping for some other dessert? I am intrigued!

    1. I just ate the vanilla bean one with a spoon. So yum. But you gotta know that this contains a helluva lotta fat and a helluva lotta sugar. A really high amount.

        1. You’re welcome. Pudding is good, of course 🙂

          Just to put numbers on the yogurt: The cups are a small size, with just 4 ounces of yogurt inside.

          11 grams of fat, with 7 of those grams saturated fat.

          17 grams of sugar. For reference, one packet of sugar, like the kind people add to their coffee when out, equals 4 grams. Thus, this yogurt cup has 4.25 packets of sugar.

          1. Yikes! I always add up the sugar too. And that IS a load of fat. It must be extremely filling.

        1. Jane, that was funny.

          Regarding reaching old age: Look at 83-year-old Al Pacino, as one random example. He’s not only a huge fan of this Haagen Dazs delicious sugar-filled yogurt, he knocked up his 29-year-old girlfriend. She’s 8 months pregnant. Sure, one could say Pacino is so old now…he can no longer identify the Scent of a Woman. However, he stated he is glad to be of any age, old or young, just as long as he can continue to enjoy the incredible taste of this yogurt.

  2. Tried the Vanilla Bean, Strawberry, and Black Cherry. They are ok. Not really anything special. Certainly not a dessert item any more than any thick yogurt. I’d say Noosa and some other premium, thicker yogurts are more “desserty” than these are. They do have less tang than typical yogurts but make no mistake the tang is still there; which is fine for me because I enjoy yogurt tanginess. For what they are, at only 4oz these are really overpriced; maybe at closer to $1 on sale (maybe as part of a multiples sale) but would not pay $1.79 at Target again for these. Rather spring for Noosa, Ellenos, Zoi, etc.

    1. Thanks Mike, any tang at all and I will pass. For all that I would prefer reduced fat frozen yogurt. To me it’s just ice cream. No nasty (to me) yogurt taste at all.

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