SPOTTED: Nature Valley Savory Nut Crunch Bars

Nature Valley Everything Bagel Savory Nut Crunch Bars
Nature Valley Smoky BBQ Savory Nut Crunch Bars
Nature Valley White Cheddar Savory Nut Crunch Bars

I could’ve sworn Nature Valley had savory bars before. But I think I might be confusing it with the many sweet and salty products it has put out. (Spotted by Amanda Y at Walmart.)

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6 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Nature Valley Savory Nut Crunch Bars”

  1. I bought the bbq flavor the other day. The bar by itself is nice. It’s a nut bar that is much smoother than original Nature Valley Bars, without being crumbly or sweet. The bbq seasoning, though, is god awful. It has a strange, offputting sweetness that reminds me of some snack mix I’ve had from a vending machine or a gas station in a pinch (though which brand eludes me). The bar almost almost replicates the taste of a peanut butter sandwich with bbq chips tucked in, if the seasoning hadn’t been wrong in this instance. If you were expecting something like Lay’s BBQ chips, you’re gonna be as disappointed as me. I threw out the entire box because they’re that bad. I haven’t yet opened the cheese ones I bought.

    1. I feel the same way. I’m kind of biased because I hate nuts and white cheddar, but I don’t know why they thought this would be a good idea.

      1. I just tried the white cheddar flavor. It reminds me of a milder version of Lane Toast Chee crackers. Although the flavor vs the texture is a bit too jarring in this case. I feel like I’m eating a treat meant for a parakeet or a hamster. Would not buy this or the bbq flavor again. Definitely won’t be finishing this box, either. I wish they’d just made a plain or chocolate version.

  2. I have GOT to try the Everything Bagel variety. I freaking love all things everything-bagel-flavored!

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