SPOTTED: Park Street Deli Sherbet Hummus

Park Street Deli Sweet Lemon Sherbet Hummus
Park Street Deli Mango Lime Sherbet Hummus

Dessert hummus is common now, so this is not odd at all. Not odd at all. Not odd at all. Not odd at all. (Spotted by James D at Aldi.)

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9 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Park Street Deli Sherbet Hummus”

  1. I’ve been a lifelong lover of all types of hummus…but the new sweet/dessert ones that have come out in the recent past, do not appeal to me AT ALL.

  2. I had hummus on a bagel this morning for breakfast, and I was pondering why lemon hummus wasn’t a thing. I had Sabra(?) red pepper hummus and it could have used a few drops of lemon juice. It would still be savory. Like hummus should be. Dessert hummus sounds andlooks nasty.

  3. I too was skeptical of the Sherbet Hummus. I love hummus and eat it daily so I took the plunge and purchased the Mango/Lime. To my taste it is delicious. The hummus is very smooth and creamy the flavored pairing of Mango with Lime is perfect. So for those of you who are commenting before trying it……I say try it you just might like it.

        1. I just picked up the sweet lemon one at Aldi. It is delicious, I love lemon and I’m going to use animal crackers to dip into it.

    1. I tried it on corn tortilla chips…. It’s Delicious!
      I’m trying to find a recipe….;)
      Let me know if u find a recipe!

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