SPOTTED: Dr. Bombay Ice Cream

Dr. Bombay Iced Out Orange Cream – Vanilla ice cream and orange sherbet with icy orange swirls
Dr. Bombay Cocoa Cream Cookie Dream – Chocolate milk ice cream with chocolate chip cookies and a chocolate chip cookie swirl
Dr. Bombay Bonus Track Brownie – Vanilla ice cream with chunks of brownie dough, brownie brittle, and a thick fudge swirl
Dr. Bombay Syrupy Waffle Sundaze – Waffle ice cream with waffle pieces and a brown butter syrup swirl
Dr. Bombay Tropical Sherbet Swizzle – Orange sherbet with tropical pineapple swirls
Dr. Bombay S’more Vibes – Marshmallow ice cream with fudge bites, cocoa crisped rice, and graham cracker swirls
Dr. Bombay Rollin’ in the Dough – Cookie ice cream with chunks of cookie dough, choco flakes and chocolate chip cookie swirls

Snoop Dogg not only has a cereal line, he also has this ice cream line. (Spotted by Justin B at Walmart.)

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9 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Dr. Bombay Ice Cream”

    1. Darren Double Vanilla
      Serena’s Sassy Strawberry Swirl
      Uncle Arthur’s Fruity Sherbet
      Tabitha’s “Why Is There A Unicorn In Your Bedroom” Sparkle
      Gladys Kravitz’s Goin’ Nuts Sundae

      1. Nicely done, Tommy!

        Can I also have a scoop of Endora’s Bittersweet Dark Chocolate or Little Adam’s Apple Pie?

  1. Some of the flavors sound interesting (if not particularly novel), but wouldn’t Snoop Dogg’s name on the product catch more eyes than the name of a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT that he owns?

  2. I got the S’more Vibes and the Syrupy Waffle Sundaze not knowing this was a Snoop Dogg venture. This ice cream is legit amazing! Better than Blue Bell, Talenti, Ben & Jerry’s or Häagen Dazs!

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