SPOTTED: Carmella Creeper Cereal

Welcome to the party, Carmella Creeper! Her cereal is a caramel apple-flavored one. Don’t worry. It’ll be available in individual boxes at other retailers. (Variety Pack spotted by Liz C at Sam’s Club. Individual box photo via Robbie, who picked up the Variety Pack from Sam’s Club.)

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9 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Carmella Creeper Cereal”

  1. Kind of similar to what I proposed on a General Mills Forum 2 years ago. I proposed a caramel apple flavor cereal, but with a witch as the cereal character. Close enough I guess. Seemed like the next obvious character choice, especially having a female monster character after so many decades. Not really sure what Carmella Creeper is supposed to be. Like a hipster zombie? I think a witch or bride of Frankenberry would’ve made more sense.

    I still won’t buy the cereal though with the lousy cornmeal pieces. I’m sure this cereal will probably taste just as lousy as the recent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle caramel apple cereal from a few weeks ago.

      1. Yea I heard whatever Sam’s Club hadn’t sold from last year’s run was sold to some outlets. They changed fruit brute to a cherry flavor from the original flavor and it is definitely not as good. Yummy Mummy should have been orange dreamsicle flavored but it hasn’t been released in some years now

        1. Yep, it was cherry, for 99 cents I thought I could take some mini chocolate chips and make marshmallow treats with them, but the cereal was so awful I didn’t even attempt it :/

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