SPOTTED: Limited Edition Dole Maple Pecan Pie Seasonal Salad Kit

Um, okay. Cool. Make Thanksgiving a little weird this year with this salad kit that comes with green leaf leaf lettuce, iceberg lettuce, carrots, red cabbage, brown sugar pecans, pie crust crisps, cranberries, and maple vinaigrette dressing. (Spotted by Breanna at Walmart.)

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9 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Limited Edition Dole Maple Pecan Pie Seasonal Salad Kit”

  1. totally weird but sounds pretty delicious all the same.
    however, i don’t like salad dressing – i’d cook up a piece of chicken (turkey?) and use the dressing as glaze.. eat that along side the dry salad. cooking for one for over 20 years leads to fun experiments in the kitchen.

    oooh, and maybe save the brown sugar pecans to toss into a scoop of ice cream for dessert.

    1. When you say “use the dressing as a glaze” what do you mean? cooking it down so it’s thicker, or pouring it on the meat and putting it under the broiler to caramelize it? combination of the two?

    1. What? Your comment doesn’t make sense. Who’s first reaction? What’s the second reaction? Do you mean comment?

      1. Lindsay, the first reaction that occurred in Sascha’s brain upon reading this article was “huh?” as if to suggest Sascha was a bit confused or weirded out by the combination of ingredients. The following reaction that occurred in Sascha’s brain after reading this article was “I think I’m going to try this” as if to suggest that Sascha got over their initial feelings from their first reaction and will now seek to purchase and ingest this product because it might taste good.

      2. Their first reaction to the salad kit was, “Huh?”, but after some additional thinking, they decided that they might like to try it after all.

      3. Sorry to confuse you Lindsay, wasn’t my intent. But yes, Sarah got it spot on. Upon first gaze I’m thinking “what the h…”, but as I read the ingredients and thought about how much I like a fairly sweet dressing (like poppyseed for example) I really figured this will definitely be a must try at some point.

    1. God gave us free will, so why shouldn’t we use our free will to make salad taste like pie? Better that than fighting pointless wars in God’s name.

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