SPOTTED: Fanta What The Fanta Mystery Flavor 2023

I’m going to guess that this mystery flavor is spaghetti. I know that’s absolutely wrong, but one of these days my mystery flavor guess of spaghetti will be correct. Mark my words. (Spotted by Michael T at Publix.)

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9 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Fanta What The Fanta Mystery Flavor 2023”

  1. I’m going to guess that I’m never going to get to try any of the mystery flavors because they keep doing them in zero sugar

    1. It’s actually really good! Doesn’t take like zero sugar at all. (But I might be biased because I can’t drink full sugar sodas.)

    2. God forbid that you could spell my name right and God forbid that some people can’t stand artificial sweeteners or they give them headaches or a nasty aftertaste. If you can’t say anything nice why say anything at all

  2. Saw and picked up a couple of these at the red river co-op grocery store in Winnipeg today.
    I can’t pinpoint the flavor exactly (reminiscent of a berryish cream soda. Not bad over ice and vodka.

  3. I tried the mystery flavor at a Freestyle machine. It comes out in black and orange, but once it mixes in the cup it looks blue. Best guess is blue raspberry cotton candy.

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