SPOTTED: Frankford Green Apple Gummy Pickle Spears

Nothing from Frankford surprises me anymore. (Spotted by Robbie at Five Below.)

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5 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Frankford Green Apple Gummy Pickle Spears”

  1. So…these are shaped like pickles but taste like green apple…did I get this correct?

    How wtf and random these are LOL

    C’mon food scientists…make a gummy chicken drumstick that tastes like strawberry! Let’s Willy Wonka this b***h up ha ha

  2. Kool-Aid Pickles are a Southern “delicacy.” You just mix in a Kool-Aid packet and sone sugar into a jar of pickles. This looks like the same concept, but I bet it costs like 4 times as much as a packet of Kool-Aid mix. Just buy the Kool-Aid instead to save some money and even get more flavor options.

    1. These aren’t green apple flavored pickles though, they’re green apple gummies shaped like pickles, so you’re kind of comparing apples to pickles.

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