SPOTTED: DiGiorno Classic Crust PIzzas

DiGiorno Classic Crust Pepperoni PIzza
DiGiorno Classic Crust Meat Lovers Pizza
DiGiorno Classic Crust Cheese PIzza

The Pepperoni one is made with signature sauce and sliced & diced pepperoni. Meat Lovers has pepperoni, sausage and bacon. The Cheese one simply topped with mozzarella cheese. There’s also a Supreme flavor with pepperoni, sausage, colorful peppers, and onions. (Spotted by John R at Walmart.)

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3 thoughts to “SPOTTED: DiGiorno Classic Crust PIzzas”

  1. I’ll have to check this out. We have been taste testing thin-crust frozen pepperoni pizzas for the last 5 years or so. Don’t care for the rising crust, double stuffed crust, pan crust, etc. Just a simple regular ole pepperoni pizza. The one to beat all along has been from the Culinary Circle brand but prior to COVID we could pick them up for $3.99 regular price or 3/$10 on sale. Now they are up to $8.49 regular price and rarely go on sale.

    So I’ll give this one a shot as the price point is pretty attractive.

    1. Same here. Love trying out new ones, too. Thin crust or die.

      Shame about where prices have gone in general, like you mentioned. I’m going to try this ‘za, as well.

  2. pork/chicken/beef pepperoni & sausage, no thank you, it even looks nasty

    All three say 1/2 pound of toppings *sauce, cheese and ingredients* but what other ingredients are on the plain cheese pizza beside sauce and cheese?

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