SPOTTED: Jones Special Release Orange Chocolate Soda

This just makes me want to see more chocolate-only sodas for sale. Why aren’t there more chocolate sodas? (Spotted by John R at Walmart.)

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8 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Jones Special Release Orange Chocolate Soda”

  1. I found this at Kroger and I tried it. It tastes exactly like a Tootsie roll! Not exactly what I was hoping for LOL

  2. Hey Marvo, try Canfield’s diet chocolate fudge soda. It’s been around since 1972. Here in atlanta it’s in Publix in the jewish section of the international aisle.

    1. This is all my dad would drink when I was a kid. It sounded so decadent but I always thought it was kinda gross. Translating chocolate flavor into a carbonated beverage is surely not an easy thing!

    2. Yesss! OMG, I SO miss that stuff! Not only does it make me think of childhood (one of my grandmas always had it, on hand), but it was absolutely delicious. There was also a Diet Peanut Chocolate Fudge variety that was even more stellar. I *think* there was also a Diet Cherry Chocolate Fudge, but my memory may be mistaken. (Pretty sure there was, though.)

      Oddly, even though it originated here (far suburbs of Chicago), I haven’t seen it here, in decades. I mourn my loss.

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