FAST FOOD NEWS: Jack in the Box Girl Scout Thin Mints Shake, Boba Drinks, and Mini Cinnis

Jack in the Box wants to stuff our stomachs before Thanksgiving with a trio of new products.

The Girl Scout Thin Mints Shake is a thick and creamy chocolate mint flavored shake blended with Girl Scouts Thin Mints and finished with whipped topping and Thin Mints cookie crumbles. A regular sized cup has 780 calories, and a large has 1120 calories.

I didn’t have boba drinks on my fast food chain new products Bingo card, but here we are with two of them from Jack — Milk Tea with Boba and Iced Coffee with Boba. The former features freshly brewed tea with sweetened cream and vanilla, served over ice, and brown sugar Boba, while the latter has chilled High Mountain Arabica coffee as its base. Both drink have 280 calories.

Finally, there’s Jack’s Mini Cinnis that are bite-sized classic cinnamon rolls that are served warm and topped with icing. It’s available in 5-piece or 10-piece orders. Five pieces have 290 calories, and ten have 570 calories. I know. The math isn’t quite right, but that’s what the Jack in the Box website says.

If you’ve tried any of them, share your thoughts in the comments.

(Images via Jack in the Box.)

4 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: Jack in the Box Girl Scout Thin Mints Shake, Boba Drinks, and Mini Cinnis”

  1. When Jack in the box was testing the boba drinks back in june of this year, there was a third drink that i guess didn’t get much love. It was a vanillia shake with the boba brown sugar pearls.

  2. The Thin Mint shake is absolutely worth getting the largest size possible. I’m usually apprehensive of Girl scout cookie products from other brands, but this was Thin Mint in creamy liquid form. My shake was a little thick, but I didn’t mind. The only knock I’d have to give is the cookie pieces clog up their straw and once you get to the bottom of the cup, if you’re like me and a fiend for Thin Mint, you’re gonna want a spoon to scoop out the remaining cookie bits. Next time I want to try using a boba straw and see if that helps with the clog issue.

    12/10 tbh lol

    1. Yeah, it’s a lot, but I doubt this is a regular indulgence for most people. Our bodies can handle an occasional indulgence like this.

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