SPOTTED: Limited Time Only Cheez-It Sizzlin’ Bacon Crackers

Bacon was part of this Cheez-It Duos liine, but my mind thinks it had its own box before. But Google tells me it hasn’t. (Spotted by Robbie at Walmart.)

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3 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Limited Time Only Cheez-It Sizzlin’ Bacon Crackers”

  1. I picked up a box the other day. They’re pretty good. To me, they taste like the bacon Cheez-Its from the Duos box. Basically, they’re the “Oops, All Berries!” of Cheez-Its.

  2. Holy moly, I need these in my life!

    For those of us, old enough to recall: Does anyone else here remember the Nabisco Bacon Thins, from the ’80s? I was literally just thinking of them, the other day (don’t ask me why); same with the Swiss Cheese Thins. I loved both of those, now-extinct, mo-fos.

  3. Boy! I was Surprised To Find These Smokin Bacon Cheez It In My Local Kroger Store,I SURE WISHED I Had Picked Up A Second Box Of Smokin Bacon Cheez It,Because When I Went Back To Kroger, I Looked All Over The Shelves Of The Crackers Aisle In Kroger And GONE! They Had The Other Varieties Of Cheez It .But Not The Bacon Flavor,So If You See This New Cheez It At Your Store, Grab A Extra One,Because Once Gone,It’s Really Gone.

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