SPOTTED: International Delight Cold Foam Creamers

International Delight French Vanilla Cold Foam Creamer
International Delight Sweet & Creamy Cold Foam Creamer
International Delight Caramel Macchiato Cold Foam Creamer

I imagine there will be a pumpkin spice version of this in eight months. (Spotted by Robbie at Target.)

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6 thoughts to “SPOTTED: International Delight Cold Foam Creamers”

  1. Definitely interested in these, as a huge coffee drinker. (Albeit, one who only very sparingly adds any sort of creamer…never mind a sweet/sugary one…to my brew. Great to keep on hand for a sporadic treat, however.)

    1. That’s another reason why we would never get along, IRL. You love salty snacks, I love anything sweet, you love coffee, and I love tea. (I’m joking, TBC). 🙂

  2. [gasp] Meany! 😛 I kid, I kid! 😀

    Speaking of tea, though:
    When I begrudgingly came down with my first cold in four years (no lie), last month, I got on a big tea kick. I drank big mug-fulls of peppermint tea nearly every day…and loved it! Might revisit my selection of hot beverages, this winter season. (As I sip a cup of coffee, mind you. LOL)

    1. Chamomile tea is also great, and Sleepy Time tea by Celestial Seasonings is freaking delicious, along with CS Wild Berry Zinger tea. I definitely recommend that you try them. Happy teatime! 😀

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