SPOTTED: 1/16/2024

Here are some interesting new products found on store shelves by your fellow readers. If you’ve tried any of them, share your thoughts in the comments.

Trader Joe’s Tortilla Española

(Spotted by Sarah R at Trader Joe’s.)

Great Value Chocolate Flavored Dairy Whipped Topping

(Spotted by Robbie at Walmart.)

Kirkland Signature Triple Chocolate Cream Pie
Kirkland Signature Black Forest Bar Cake With Maraschino Cherries
Kirkland Signature Almond Florentine Cookies With Chocolate Drizzle

(Spotted by Robbie at Costco.)

Van De Kamp’s Shark Bites

(Spotted by Amanda Y at Kroger.)

Bob Evans Farmhouse Favorites Green Beans With Garlic Or Butter Sauce

(Spotted by Amanda Y at Kroger.)

H-E-B Mi Tienda Refried Beans With Chipotle
H-E-B Mi Tienda Refried Pinto Beans With Jalapeños
H-E-B Mi Tienda Refried Black Beans With Jalapeños
H-E-B Mi Tienda Refried Pinto Beans With Chorizo Flavor

(Spotted by Robbie at H-E-B.)

If you’re out shopping and see new products, snap a picture of them, and send them in via an email ([email protected]) with where you found them and “Spotted” in the subject line. Also, if you want to send in photos and are wondering if we’ve already covered something or if they’re new, don’t worry about it. Let us worry about it.

8 thoughts to “SPOTTED: 1/16/2024”

  1. Somebody needs to get their hand whacked with a ruler because of the description of the Bob Evans green beans. Big proofreading fail.

    1. Oh no, the junk food blog writer accidentally wrote the word “or” instead of the word “herb” – what a big proofreading fail! The person who made that extremely minor error should be hit!

        1. You left a comment chastising the writer over a small typo – something that people do on the internet, unironically, all the time.

          Maybe you should improve the way you communicate sarcasm through text, because you are currently very bad at it. Jerkwad.

          1. “In the words of a good friend, bite me.” Also, FU, too. It’s not hard to ask someone if they’re being serious or not, rather than just attacking them. I forgot to add a sarcasm tag cause I’m sick. BFD.

        2. I’m very sorry for taking people’s words at face value, when they write comments that I see 100 times a day online – comments such as criticizing minor spelling errors without a hint of irony.

          I’m not going to ask “are you being serious” every time somebody writes a comment like yours. Just like you didn’t ask me any clarifying questions before calling me a jerkwad. You do not know how to convey sarcasm through text, and you expect others to read your mind. Forgot to write a sarcasm tag because you’re sick, lmao, give me a break. I guess you really don’t get sarcasm, do you, jerkwad?

  2. Would the “Van De Kamp’s Shark Bites” sell if they were actually shark meat?

    “Kids! Get 1500% of your daily mercury serving in 5 shark bites, dipped in chipotle tartar aoili!”

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