SPOTTED: Flavor Grown Candylicious Candy Grape Duo

Mystery flavor grapes? (Spotted by John R at Kroger.)

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13 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Flavor Grown Candylicious Candy Grape Duo”

  1. Is it too much to ask for a grape-flavored grape? Seriously though, I’m not a fan of the sugar-bomb grapes because I do think they lack “grape-ness”.

    1. What exactly is a sugar-bomb grape? It’s not like they’re injecting sugar in the grapes. They just happen to taste like cotton candy.

      1. I just feel like a lot of the grapes JUST taste sweet, they’ve lost some of their character as grapes in the quest to breed them bigger and sweeter.

  2. Absolutely nothing on Google about these. So when somebody tries it please let us know what they taste like.

  3. Googling these, I found a variety called a sweet surprise grape. Maybe they just added the word candy to make it sound more shocking?

  4. Grapery has been selling cotton candy grapes for years now, they are really good. They also sell one called Moon Drops that are excellent, and very unique looking

      1. Could be, I haven’t had or even seen those in stores around here.

        While searching I came across a link to a HyVee store that lists…

        “Flavor Grown Candy Snaps Grapes, Strawberry Flavor & Grape Crunch” UPC:0840437102020

        Sounds like you could make a mystery jelly (looks purple, tastes like strawberry) out of those

    1. I have had the Moon Drop grapes that you mentioned, and they are very good. I have yet to try the cotton candy grapes, but I want to.

      1. I’m sure you’ll like the cotton candy ones, I bought some a few months ago when the Moon Drops were out.
        I noticed on their website they have a green variety, in the shape of the Moon Drops, called Tear Drops. Hopefully those will appear at some point

    2. Can’t remember the brand/grower, but I’ve had a cotton-candy variety several times, and they are amazing! The first time I tasted them, the accuracy in flavor-profile kind of blew my mind.

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