SPOTTED: Coca-Cola Spiced

This raspberry spiced cola is available full sugar and zero sugar. (Two liter bottles and cans spotted by Michael T at Harris Teeter. 20-ounce bottles spotted by Rachel J at Safeway)

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6 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Coca-Cola Spiced”

  1. I saw 12pk cans at Walmart Friday. I didn’t look close enough to see the raspberry part, not sure how the spice part would paly out in that… we need a review please

  2. Bought the Zero version today, and I can barely finish the bottle, lol. It reminds me of Mountain Dew’s Fruit Quake from Holiday 2022.

  3. Had the Zero version and it’s excellent, imo.

    Did not detect a big hint of “spice” so if anyone is intrigued by the raspberry but afraid of it being “spicy”, I would try it. To me, this is a far superior alternative to Cherry Coke Zero.

  4. Somehow raspberry doesn’t seem like the best fruit for this. Maybe apple would be better. Unless the spicing is more like Hot Tamales than pumpkin spice.

    Seen it in my R)alphs. Passing until I see a review, and said review seems positive.

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